caro believes in truly good food—she gets giddy at the farmers market, cooks nearly everything from scratch, and tries to bring people together over food as often as she can. her career as a food writer has only strengthened her ties to the kitchen, and has taught her to eat and cook playfully, adventurously, and thoughtfully.

she's available to cook for you in your home—and help with a number of other kitchen services—as outlined below. interested? email her to find out more and discuss rates.

  • personal chef services (omnivorous, vegetarian, or special diet)
    shopping for and cooking your week's meals in your kitchen (or in hers), and working with you to come up with a seasonal meal plan that matches your preferences at a budget you specify.
  • pantry and freezer stocking
    like having a never-emptying pantry of proper ingredients that make it easy to cook and eat well on a whim. think: homemade stock in your freezer. homemade granola on your shelves. a healthy stash of pantry basics.
  • small-scale event catering
    for your birthday or mother's day brunch or dinner party or thanksgiving pie-making.

all services include shopping and a spotless kitchen afterward.

looking for a recipe tester or developer? she can do that, too! get in touch to discuss further: carolinelange13[at]gmail[dot]com.